Procedural Map

hi all,

ours servers procedural map is not updating on the rustio website or the playrust website. I am saying its because procgen was changed but people are saying that they can see the map on other servers.

Can someone tell me if this is true and if so how do we fix it.



BUMP. I still have not found out why our map isnt working. Its a vanilla server and no mods. PLEASE HELP!

Pointless bump, the reason no one has replied is because no one here can help, try RustIO’s topic on the Oxide Forums because someone there is more likely to be able to help you.

wait, so the map at rust io isn’t updating to match the new build? clear your cache, since it tends to hold onto the last build, otherwise try contacting them directly. it’s not a facepunch service.

thank you Mr Knifey