Procedural Maps Randomly Generated Towns.

I’m just wondering what you guys would think if the Procedural Maps included a randomly generated town system, so we could still go out into this new map and find an already existing town to claim, or to loot.
But still I like the idea of player created and run towns. But having an abandoned towns, or areas in this game fits well in my opinion. Just wondering what you guys think on this idea if it would fit well with the new system they have in place.

I think it would be cool! but it would HAVE to have kinks in it for the start. I can already see towns inside mountains :downs:

according to these there will be roads and buildings



This will happen, I think they’re working on making the maps not look like shit first though.

Ah awesome, I think this is going to be awesome when it’s all done.

At least we have confirmation that he’s certainly trying to add the ruins/etc. I hope it works out without creating a heavy load for the game. Either way I’m excited to see such progress on something that just started off as a ‘what if’ type of idea not very long ago.

I think before they add roads and buildings they need to set a " time " on rust. For example, what is rust ? when is rust happening ? where is rust happening ? Otherwise it will be quite hard to explain later the " history " of the game.

My theory is that we were once a civilization that got destroyed somehow (not zombie apocalipse) and now we need to re-build.

(character traits when joining a server would be somenthing nice to see in a mod later ;P).

I also hope they add in sockets on the existing buildings doors and windows so people can close them off and use them. I know people will say this,“well then they will stock up on all the loot crates”. Not all buildings have to contain loot in them, perhaps just a few do and the others are for players.