"Procedurally Generated" - True?

Hi all! I find this today while reading the Rust blog: http://playrust.com/friday-devblog-21/

in one part of the entry, it reads" When te map it’s procedurally generated (bla bla bla)" it’s true or it’s Garry playing with us as usual???

What do you mean by “Garry playing with us as usual”? The maps are procedurally generated already, you can play the experimental branch and you can see that each server has his own procedurally generated map. Official servers have the same map or at least a very similar one, I cant tell if they are exactly the same because the maps are huge, in community servers you can see the differences better.

I Don’t get it.
are you insinuating that the proceduallly generated maps are all the same? or that Garry has just wasted time and resources making multiple maps, and passing it off as ‘Procedually generated’

The Latter makes no sense.

No, it means that the experimental server will randomly generate maps. However, the seed has to be manually changed by the server owner, and a number of them likely have not bothered to or are not even aware.

At the moment, if I recall, the seed is set by default to a seed set by garry. Server admins can set their own seed, or set the seed to 0 for it to be randomly chosen every time there’s a wipe and the map is regenerated.

No-no-no, I just don’t bought the game yet, I was waiting to buy it when reach a “decent” state (less hackers and stuff) but I going to buy it if it have random worlds. Thank you very much for your responses guys :smiley:


were you just after confirmation that there are procedurally generated maps then? if so, the answer is “yes”

The experimental branch has proceduraly generated maps now. It has been like this for a couple months.

Awesome. Thank you very much guys, definitely going to buy the game then… I just love procedural generation :smiley: