Process of Comissioning a Model

Hello all,

I’ve recently had a desire to try to model something as a playermodel for a server I visit every once and a while. Turns out, I have serious brain damage that makes actually using Blender impossible for me. Decided to save up to try to contract somebody to do it for me.

My question is actually, “How do I even begin?”. I’m not quite sure how much to offer for this, but I just wanted something that is able to be rigged as a playermodel for use in a server, essentially starting from scratch from a piece of art. I know it is probably a hard task, which is why I’m offering money over PayPal for it.

Is there a certain thread or somewhere I should look? I couldn’t find a QTDDTOT for this section, so I felt like I had to write it here. If so, what would be about the going price to offer to a modeller to create a 3D model from a 2D piece of art?

Thanks, and I am sorry for the forum clutter.