probably not the most fitting song but w/e skip to about 1:50

gm_black scenebuild. edited in-game.

“Papers please.”

“the way Hal Life 2 SHOULD have been.”
Excellent work.

Somehow this reminded me of concerned :v:

Nice work. I’m glad to see those models are still getting some use.

Holy jesus man! It actually looks like you made a new map for this, brilliant!

My mind can’t process that this is a scenbuild, awesome work!

hm, what way exactly? i mean, i don’t see what you mean really

yeah, they’re like the only available combine affiliated humans without masks or armor :v: (assuming that you mean the combine officers)

thanks :smiley:

May we have a behind-the-scenes picture as well? Would love to see it!

removed the ragdolls since they were all floating in a t-pose. exluding ragdolls and lighting, this is the whole scene.


Very good composition and posing

Where do you find those walls/floors/combine walls props?

the walls are from a mass effect colony prop pack by cire992. the combine metal pieces are just thin PHX plates.

What I mean is the Combine would have more troops and more of an iron fist/foot hold in City 17 and beyond. The game compared to to this shot seems…lax. your shot makes it look great :slight_smile: