Profesional lua coder wanted to script a whole new gamemod!

Hi there!
I have a Gmod server for a few months now and I decided I want something special that makes our server cool. Like a whole new gamemode, and that beign space RP. If anyone thinks he/she is capable of coding a space Role Play gamemode, please contact me. I am willing to pay for it if you desire. ONLY PROS ALLOWED! If the gamemode fails, no payement.

King regards,

I don’t think that anyone will be up to code the gamemode if you act like “ONLY PROS ALLOWED”.
Also,use this thread the next time.

Before “Gamemode finished”

Better then every RP

“Not gud enough. no pay”

I didnt meen it like good enough but more like if it doesnt work…

Well even “LUA pros” are not perfect at LUA and I would think for anyone to code a new RP you will have to pay them.