Professional coder looking for work. [DarkRP Modules / HUDS / DARKRP HUDS]

You can see what i can make for you on my website,

if you have any suggestions/bugs on the website, please dont post them here.

You should post this on the Coderhire forums too. You’ll get more traffic from people there that are willing to buy things then on here. (I may be mistaken, but I think there is a forum sub-category for self-promotions. Not logged on steam right now, so cannot check :[ )

I havent seen a single thing coming out of you that can pass as professional

What happend to the title i gave ya

Oh that’s cute, wait until I can get home so I can change my title again so you can waste more of your donation money. Also professional coders typically have… good grammar.

how cute <3 i have so much money indeed, the only thing that amuses me is that you gotta pay 2$ mommys money everytime i change it ;3

please stop cry in this thread, go cry somewhere else

I haven’t seen my mother for 6 months, so thanks for reminding me.

also “please stop cry”

get real, please.

there’s literally nothing on your website. so you can make nothing?

i could’t agree less.

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please register and go to the “Hire Me” Tab

Look at the quality of posts, would you want to hire someone like that, let alone someone who doesn’t even have work that justifies or at least outshines the behavior.

You’re the one making the posts, i’m asking you nicely now, stop be butthurt please.

i’d apprecitate if you stop posting, right now.

(User was banned for this post ("trolling, and don't tell people to stop posting (we'll do it if it's necessary)" - Orkel))

(User was banned for this post ("image macro/reply" - Orkel))

Now now children, let’s all just calm down…

SweetTea, Ftpje (or what ever his name is) set up a forum specifically for DarkRP, maybe posting on his forums would get you a wider audience.

Lol epic coder&epic website with AAA professional design & next-generation PHP code

So professional HUD

That’s a very professional hud, it have manu unique features so it even showing us an author’s name

Skype: blown25
Steam Profile:

hey, you know all professionals have two emails

Wait so he is blown25

that explains a lot

Thank you for posting these, they were hilarious to read.

Your previous works didn’t look professional, your website looks like ass, and all together, you’re just not professional.

not sure what you are trying to accomplish here, you are just digging yourself a grave. at least you (seem to) know lua, so why dont you go make something new, fresh, original, something that isnt so mock worthy?

look at this:

this is so basic, you just throw deadly bouncy balls at other people. but its so well done, a nice gui, and of course he is being respectful and taking the constructive criticism into consideration. So unless you are going to come up with something with value, get out or get mocked.