professional guide on how to make a quality server

put your shitty music in the loading screen
don’t ever use the game’s built-in assets; flood your players with 10000000 textures/models/sound effects custom content. they could not live without the cool captain falcon player model
put “NEED STAFF” in the name of your server
sell admin
put ads everywhere because the monthly $20 server operating cost is too much; fun places to put ads include: motd, loading screen, windows that cover the entire screen and are uncloseable for 10 seconds between TTT/Murder rounds
congratulations you are now a professional gmod quality server owner

if my advice helped you please donate, you will be admin at my house

did you just buy gmod? this plague has been around for quite a while

Fixed the title for you.

I was really hoping this was another serverwatch thread when I saw the tittle. I am really disappointed.

Nah, I’m really not going to do that, I honestly do really not like these sorts of servers… The people who own them are kinda misguided :confused: Unless they really need the money or something…

You’re either too young or too poor to be hosting a server if you can’t afford a 20 dollar bimonthly payment.

Guys guys guys, you forgot half the details!

You forgot about making 90% of your Tools on your custom DarkRP sever VIP only.
You forgot about offering custom jobs.
You forgot about adding M9k and FA:S and CW 2.0 and Mad Cows Weapons.
You forgot about adding explosives.
You forgot about making all this VIP only still
You forgot about the ULX Chat Adverts that spam you every 2 minutes about VIP and the donation link.
You COMPLETELY FORGOT the part about trying to convince everyone your staff are REALLY FRIENDLY.
You also forgot the part about trying to convince everyone that you actually have staff.

and most importantly, you forgot to purchase every custom aspect of your server from Coderh-I mean Scriptfodder

Ahem. There are a lot of important aspects a lot of you have overlooked:

  • People should be able to immediately but the best printers, because they’re the best and being the best is fun.

  • Some jobs should get incredibly overpowered M9K weapons when they spawn, because going to gun dealers in annoying and killing is fun.

  • You need to use only the highest-quality textures, as nobody will mind taking three extra months to download 8K uncompressable noise bitcoin mining box textures.

  • You must, must, must include a job with the Rape SWEP, because it is the best job for RP.

  • The Sleep mod is a must, because it is fun to RP a sleeping person.

  • FailRP should be strictly enforced. Because it totally makes sense!

  • There must be hobos everywhere and they must be able to build a giant cancerous eyesore.

  • If you donate, you must be able to get a custom playermodel that has a trillion polygons and looks like a horrible abomination of nature, because those are the most fun. More must be better, right?

Follow these tips and you’ll get a billion players.

Unless you see something about prop kill mentioned, it’s rarely ever his shit

Wait, purchasing? Isn’t that what leakforums is for???

I’m not sure about others, but personally thats right on the edge of necroposting to me.

lol 20 bucks a month gets you like 5 slots here, unless you mean 20 bucks a month for a blank linux vps where you have to do literally all the work the hard way

And its an additional $5-10 if you don’t want branding.
Not to mention hosting around here is shit

I had a 32 slot server two years back and it costed me $21 for 32 slots at $0.67 per slot

what are you people even talking about