Professional Killers

Eh, not much to say about this one tbh. Just a something I threw together for some fun while testing some character concepts.

View full size by right clicking and pressing the magic View Image button to see more detail.

Also comes in larger size with Captain Price and a squaddie, and can be seen here. Question is, is it better with or without the two extra people?

Comments are always welcome, even those from the rather boring “durr generic” bandwagon sheep which I’m sure will flock here now I’ve said that.

I personally think Price and the Squaddie complete the pic.

Still, fucking awesome.

Nice work. But they are already moving up when they still need to choke that guy?

I love it, and I love these british soldier skins, ever plan on releasing them?

That’s epic.
Your pictures are fucking HUGE.
I use 1024X768… Failure of a monitor.

Those … want … me

Hot Damn! That’s amazing!
The editing, the posing and the MODELS!!!

Nice posing!

Thanks for the comments folks.

Eh, not sure. Might do if I can make myself stop editing them and fix some of the buggy details I’ve edited over.

Why do test screenshots always have to be like this?

The small picture is bland the big one with price and everyone is just awesome, I suck at crouch posing but you sir are amazing. Also, were did you get those awesome models?


For 4.9 seconds I thought this was a MW2 picture from IW.

Love it, excellent posing.


How long did it take you to complete this?

i expect like a hitman but this is still awesome

Dude, you just bumped the thread. Where’d you find it, anyway?



grog guy: your post is 3 minutes ago and that guy bumped the thread, i guess this would sorta be a bump too but id like to say that that pic is nice, i like the first one with the 2 people cause like said above , the other 2 are advanced forward too much. I still think thats a pretty tight situation cause you’d think the 2 guards would be standing close to the fence.

Stop bumping old threads you mental midget.