Thanks InsaneParrot!
Instead of all you read above (waste of time), the more you craft, the more effective something gets.
If this is the first time crafting a bandage (Within a set amount of ingame time, x) it will heal h health. If another bandage is crafted within x amount of time, the bandage will heal h+1/x(h) (Or something like that). If another bandage is crafted within x, the bandage would heal h+2/x(h), and so on. The numerator maxes out at x/x (Or lower or higher).
If, say, your equation was at h+4/x(h), and you didn’t craft a bandage within x amount of time, the equation would go down to h+3/x(h).

Please revise and state your opinion. (Now that I think of it, this might be too much of a restriction. But still, please give your opinion.

You’re looking at this Psi! :smiley:

Right now, there is almost absolutely no incentive to not kill someone. I thought up of a way that could possibly give players or player groups a reason to keep someone alive.
I propose that there be a profession system that allows you to select a profession for your player.
Say you are a doctor. Perhaps you would be able to craft bandages or medical kits that normal players could not craft themselves.
This could possibly bring trade to the game, like if you traded ammo or food for bandages. This would also give a special reason for raiding a player. Since doctors can only make bandages, a group could make an elaborate plan for an attack in which they loot the building and possibly even attempt to keep him alive. The doctor could be stripped of his weapons and be forced to work for the group as a doctor. The doctor could also find opportunities to escape.
A lumberjack might have a faster rate of chopping, allowing him to make more wood to sell to those that would not want to risk going to more bandit infested areas for lumber.

Even with this system though, you would probably still be shot on sight by lone wolves or bandits.
However, it would be a good roleplaying mechanic, in my opinion.

What do you guys think of this? Could it be feasible or beneficial? Why or why not?
Thanks for reading, I just want to contribute in some way :D.

I’m not sure about that, they don’t like restrictive gameplay mechanics around here. Perhaps if you don’t craft any item in a certain field (medical, resource, etc.) you will slowly lose knowledge of the crafting recipes in that section if you’re looking for that, it might be a better alternative to what you’re saying, but I’d prefer it just stay the same.

That’s what I was thinking about when my amnesia kicked in! Or something similar at least. The more you craft something, the more effective it will be.
Noob bandage = 24 health (JUST FOR COMPARISON)
Team medic’s bandage = 47.6 health

Maybe they should just be special in certain categories than in others but everyone can still do the same but not better

I had the idea of a similar game with 4 classes and class items

essentially, its Defense(Heavy sniper, machine gunner, tactician/demoman) Assualt(Scout sniper, looter, soldier with an AR, brawler), Craftsmen (Gunsmith, carpenter, welder, etc), and Support (Medical, Hunter which is a very very light weight sniper, etc). All classes are based around what items the person has. Essentially you pick class by selecting it as a character, or having this “Class modular” that gives you benefits of using certain items, as well as benefits to items that use that “Class”. “Leveling” is PURELY based on items, like Stalker.

However, I really doubt that fits for rust.

I don’t think that fits too well either.
By the way, I was tempted to press on that screamer link, but I didn’t click it because I’m VERY easily frightened XD

Maybe. Personally if we want to avoid kos kids I think it’s best to not make it “wrong” to do it but it should somehow be known to people who is killing who or whether or not the player is aggressive. If they recently killed someone the name color changes to red or something.

I do like the idea of professions and such… I feel like in a survival game like this your “progress” will be more about the things you learn to craft. that is what gives your character value and not really the buildings or things like that. If people stay too attached to their buildings they’re in for a hard lesson.

its fine dude click it

in my head the ‘game’ I thought of head zombies like hl2/l4d2, but also many more things, in varying areas. Essentially find a building and make it your home. Loot nd hope the robots, aliens, and zombies don’t lynch you.

I’d say the above are right, the more you do something, the better you get, you can’t get as far in something unless you do it a lot, and over time the things that you don’t do will deteriorate. Let’s try an example.

For start, the small medkit will now heal 10 hp.
One player begins to craft a lot of them, making his heal 30 hp. However, after crafting so many, he went a week without crafting any more. His medkits now heal 20 hp. If he had kept crafting medkits, he would have kept 30 hp heal.


Yeah, I like that system. The effects aren’t too drastic but are still very beneficial.

The same would go with crafting weaponry, the more you craft, the more attachment slots you’ll get. This could be measured with an “expertise” bar for each section.

Tomorrow I’ll make a very detailed thread on this.

I don’t know if this is too restrictive but maybe incorporate the idea of being a “master” at a skill. Meaning later in the game once you reach “level 100 doctor”(medkits) then you can choose to become a “master” making it so that skill does not deteriorate, however you may only choose one skill to master.

Also another aspect that could be added is that a “master” of a skill can make something better than others who are not. For example lets say if you are “level 100 doctor” your medkits can heal 100 hp however if you choose to master the skill “doctor” you can make medkits that heal 125 hp. I may be wrong but I see this making the barder system in this game(which seems cool) more promising because you can’t always make the best of everything.

I think a skill system would be restrictive too, and I don’t feel like getting killed by a lvl80 paladin. Maybe improvements for weapons and armor, like +10hp from medkits or 5% better loot would be more fitting. Forgetting about recipes would be rather absurd. Oh, you didn’t need bandages for a while? Now yours are shit because you didn’t spamcrafted them! So yeah, improvements in some areas based on armor and maybe accessories would be enough.

So do I. We don’t need MORE reasons for the 11 year olds to think they’re playing CoD, they do think that already :).

see the thing is this would be very buggy but if you keep crafting for example bullets or meds you could possibley get more bullets then you would usually get with the used materials (only up to 10 or 6 at max level) and increase effectiveness with meds but as for construction items eg barrier,stairs.window or foundations it might take for example only 55 or something a bit lower depending whether its too much of a “discount” on the material(s)

It doesn’t make it cod, it’s more like stalker. You can’t actually have ANY perks at all, well, perks have a negative side, like speed negates damage :v:

and CoD was fun, its just undercrafted as SHIT and abused, and over made as FUCK[sp]ontopofhavingtheworstcommunityintheworld[/sp]

dat black line :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see perks being put in like that, where the perks also have a (big?) negative downside. Or, maybe have perks involve players more (somehow?)
But I do like the “total freedom” and non-restrictive gameplay currently.

I personally have to disagree with this idea. The whole post-apocalyptic angle pretty much demands that the survivors be as flexible as possible, able to kill, craft, build or heal at any moment. Being rooted in only one talent specification means severe disadvantage or death in any situation where it does not apply, necessitating adaptability and flexibility.

Some of the ideas others have mentioned, like bonuses to skills used often could work, but then the issue of more leveled players always obliterating/outperforming newer ones arises. Therefore, that might not work either.

As it is, with anyone being able to do nearly anything necessary when properly equipped seems to be working just fine. You can still prioritize certain actions and roles manually, such as assigning people in your group to guard, heal, craft, build and etc. With the way things work now, people with weapons can quickly switch from their group roles to going on the offensive/defensive, and vice versa.

Ok. the thing is you dont only have to focus on 1 thing but for example if your more pvp orientated and you make mostly ammunition or some other item maybe your skill level for it would increase decreasing time for it to be crafted or something like that.