Professor Layton ragdolls?

Are there any Professor Layton ragdolls out there? I’m planning on making a Gmod machinima and I need PL ragdolls in order to do it.

If there aren’t any PL ragdolls in existence, is it possible for someone to make them?

Where the fuck are the responses? Helloooo?

just wait a bit dude some one will respond but acting like an ass isnt the solution

I’ll reply just because you love Dreamcast.

First; Professor Layton is a 2D character. That means someone will have to recreate him from scratch, and nobody likes doing that because it’s lots of hard work and takes awhile.

Second; provide pictures in your post. Give references. Descriptions of what exactly you want. Nobody is going to just get everybody from the games.

Third; good luck getting your request done. Not a great deal of people here are skilled in creating models/skinning/rigging skeletons/etc. Even less of those people browse the request forums. And an even significantly less amount of those actually start the requests, let alone finish them. I’m not saying your request isn’t going to get done, but I’m saying not to get your hopes up about it. This is a “I have a request please” forum, not a “Make me my fucking model” forum.

Just letting you know the difficulties involved in models.