Profile Pictures

I have seen alot of profile pictures or “avatar’s” on peoples profiles.

I made a couple, not all that good but feel free to use them :smiley:

(Dont worry about the size. Bigger is better in this case because you get more detail when you change it to your avatar.)

“GMan Possessed”

“You’re pissin’ me off Gordon!”

“I’m Flammable”

C&C please. I guess?

yes i would use thse if i had horrible taste sry

Eh, I’ll try harder next time. Thanks for the actual criticism.

Nobody would use these when the graphics settings aren’t as high as they’ll go. Can barely even read the “flammable” sign on the barrel.

I´ll never change my badass Zombie Avatar :smiley:

They are too big for avatars i think
And they suck except barney he made me lol.