Program for sight. Possible ban VAC?

Hello everyone!)
I apologize for the translator.

Tell me please, you can use a program that makes a point or sight in the center of the screen? Is it possible to get over this ban?
If this did not affect the anti-cheat, can you recommend a program, please?

No you can not use a program that would inject some sort of crosshair into the game. This will get you banned.

If you ask if you can get banned for it, then you probably shouldn’t be using it. Any crosshair hacks which inject into Rust will lead to a ban, but any crosshair overlays separate from the game won’t be detected.

Take a pencil or a piece of tape to mark your screen.

That’s way overkill. Just press tab, which moves your mouse to the exact center of the rust client and use a bit of bluetack. Mummy won’t be happy if you draw on the computer screen kiddies.

Wasn’t really serious with my post tbh… :stuck_out_tongue:

VAC is physical too, there is a camera in your room to check if you put a mark or bluetac on your computer monitor!

I just cross searched that image expecting you had taken that shot yourself, but it turns out its been posted on multiple [edit:one] hacking forums. I know where you’ve been mr naughty.

First hit on Google images for ‘draw crosshair on monitor’ :stuck_out_tongue:

^ True story

I have some helpful steps however:

Step1: Learn to aim with the bow, every other weapon has iron sights or attachments
Step2: Enjoy

Any program that makes permament/temporary modifications to Rust’s game’s files has a high probability of giving you a VAC ban.

I do not mean an application to modify the Rust files.
I am interested in a program that makes a point or sight or in the centre of the screen. The program to run on top of all windows in the system

I’ve seen a map which creates an overlay and doesn’t directly inject into the game. If it’s like that you should be OK.

can u provide a link?

anyone who uses outside the game shit for advantages is a pussy beyond shit like mountain dew and cocaine

everyone is using it and should use it because everyone else does

I don’t use any of that sally shit… and u should feel like a girly man if u do

This is the stupid mentality that makes hacking run out of control. I see so many posts where people are crying about their ban, but they only hacked because everyone else did, or to level the playing field.

WRONG, you cheat or use something to give an unfair advantage over other people in the game is wrong and you should be banned. Period.

Hell the bow is strong enough as it is, just learn to aim with it, its not that hard. Giving that weapon any more strength is uncalled for.

That’s the most childish argument hackers have to offer. You don’t have to get back at them by hacking them back. Just wait for VAC to come down with the banhammer, but sinking to their level makes you the enemy to honest players, even if, “everyone else does it.”

I have a crosshair freely provided by my computer screen, when I press a button. I can even tweak shape and color.

Thank you, Asus.