program to rip a map from an old game?

Some of you may be familiar with the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault multiplayer map, Crossroads.

I already have half the map built by hand, but I’ve run into trouble with sizing of the buildings.

Is there a program out there where I could rip the map from the game and convert it for editing in SDK? If so, can I get a link for it and how to use it if possible?

I’ve also already tried using google and checking the threads, but couldnt find anything solid.

There is a huge chance the map is made entirely of models so no, you’d had have to recreate it

You can use 3d rippder DX to rip the map and compile it as models for source. But that is a bad idea if you want to actually use the map. You would be better off recreating it proportionally from porting the models and remaking them as brushes.

I managed to port headlong from halo 2 xbox to source. Had to make most of the level out of brush’s. The models in the level were ripped and imported as models.

How did I do it?

I export the map base from halo 2 as a 3D Mesh. Convert the mesh into a 3D Model for source to understand. Scale the model correctly to have the same scale as of halo 2. Build brush’s around the 3D Mesh. When done, deleted the mesh and import the extra models.

I know the link I provided is a incomplete level, I have the complete level on my HDD, this need to compile it out and release complete level. I was trying to make halo 2 maps for garrysmod. The hard part of it was scaling and ripping. Took months to do, but was well worth it in the end. Now this got to update the textures in the level to something better one day.

I followed the instructions for 3D Ripper DX and it didnt work with the game. Is there another way?


An easier way might be to fraps the map, then recreate each section in hammer. It’s how i was doing fire warrior: source.

the game uses id tech 3 so the maps should be brush based? depending on what the extension of a decompiled/uncompiled mohaa map is you could possibly open it in goldsrc hammer and save it as a map openable by source hammer? i have done something similar with a wolfenstein enemy territory map but the result wasnt pleasing enough so i quit that project.


Thanks! I’ll try this out when I get a chance!

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I downloaded and used Dragon-Unpacker 5 and found the map I wanted to mod. I have the .bsp of the map I want to convert but vmex cant convert it into vmf. Is there yet another program I can use to do that? Apparently vmex is only for hl2 bsp files…

The Quake 3 engine made extensive use of patch meshes for terrain and curved objects (similar but better than displacements in Source.) While Hammer supports the .map format, .map is a generic format with no set standard. Patch meshes in .map form can’t be understood by any version of Hammer and will just be deleted. Brushes are usually understood but might be mangled because the Q3 engine supported convex and concave brushes (Hammer doesn’t support concave brushes.)

You’re going to have to use WinBSPC or Q3MAP2 to decompile the map.

I haven’t messed with idtech3 in over 10 years so I can’t help you with that much.

Nothing really worked with the .bsp that I got

The only thing that worked was the Dragon-Unpacker that used to open the .pak files

Is there any other way? or can I get someone to convert this .bsp for me for use in hammer (dod:s).

bumping in hopes of a solution?

In that time you could have recorded it and got a good way into rebuilding it in hammer.

college life wont allow me to map as often, I’m just looking for any possible short cut.

I understand that Barracuda added some backwards compatibility to BSPSource, so you could give the BSP another shot with that.

-snip I had no idea what I was talking about

Short cuts cause more issues than they solve. Either wait till you can do it properly, or just spend a bit of time on it when you can.

Where can I get that?