Programming an own Admin Menu for TTT Script

I want to script an admin menu that (de)activates functions in the script, so that the users can adjust the script as they like. I already make 3 lua-scripts, but They were Traitor and Detective Items, so I don´t know how to make a admin menu. My Problem is that I don´t how to use the GMOD wiki to find all I need for such a menu. Can someone help me ?


CheckBoxes are what’s usually used for enabling/disabling features in scripts.

And then you’ll need to network the values between the server and client.

How do I create chat command to open my menu ?

You use PlayerSay hook.

Are you sure you should be creating an Admin Menu? As a beginner (which sorry of I assume wrong, but from what’s posted here it appears so) an admin menu is definitely a more challenging project to tackle, and a lot can go wrong when creating it.

Thanks a lot for your help and your advice. I know that it´s a challenging project. I already finished my script by now (without an admin menu, but with a menu). I made a copy of my script and with this copy I want to try to create my first admin menu. If it´s not working, I have a working version to use on my server.