Programming Classes

So I signed up for a Visual Basic computer programming class at a local college, VB I know =X but it’s the only language they offered. Right now with LUA I feel like I have hit a wall with my current knowledge and I can’t do complex stuff, that and I’m a hack and terrible programmer. I was hoping that this VB class would help me progress with LUA.

Long story short do you guys thing that this VB class will help me out with LUA programming? I want to learn how to do things the proper way and have it optimized. My theory was that the few languages I have seen, it seems like they share a lot of the same fundamental principles just a different syntax.

Well any input on this would be appreciated! Thanks guys!

Programming languages differ beyond just syntax. There are a lot differences between Lua and VB which can cause even more confusion for unexperienced programmer when switching from VB to Lua.

So do you think it will be a waste of time, or do you think it will be helpful and I will progress as a programmer?

Skills learned will apply to any language. I wouldn’t personally choose Visual Basic but there are worse languages out there.

You don’t progress at lua by learning a completely different language first. I think you’re wasting your time. I also puked in my mouth a little when you mentioned VB.

What do you currently know now in lua?

I think it will benefit you in multiple ways, depending on who’s teaching it and how they teach it.

If you want to be ahead of your class, you should look up VB tutorials and get ahead while you can, possibly impress your teacher when he gives you a project to make your own program.

I never read a tutorial for C# - I learned it by trial and error, and looking things up on MSDN when I was confused. It was easy for me, because I’d been writing Python and PHP for years before that (PHP is one of those languages worse than Visual Basic, if you’re wondering). Learning any language will help you learn another.

Thanks for some positive input on the subject, I mean I wasn’t banking on this being a clear cut transition from VB to LUA or even have it transition at all. I just want to learn how to program the right way. Then maybe I can take the same approach when it comes time to code in LUA.

Yea I wasn’t happy when I found out they only offered VB but hey beggars can’t be choosers :stuck_out_tongue: