Programs to help with workflow

Haven’t seen many of these style of threads.
And i figured perhaps the minds of Facepunch would have tips for programs that make workflow easier for others.

So with that said here are some programs i think many people may not know of and could use to help with workflow and speedup big projects.

Clover (Windows Explorer Tab Extention)

  • Self explanatory. Adds tabs to your explorer window so you don’t have a crap load of windows up.*

Bulk Rename Utility **

  • Helps greatly renaming, adding prefixes/suffixes, and changing file extentions to multiple files at once.
    Also add a Left click option to files so you can start the program within any folder.*

So ya that’s all i can really think of that i use that many others may not know about.
Hope this thread can take off and perhaps others are open to sharing and helping others out.

Not really a program, but might as well post it here anyways…

I find the Notepad++ auto complete/insert feature very helpful.

It basically finishes shit you’re typing. For example, if I add a (, the auto insert will add the closing ). Same with “”, ‘’, and {}.

I recently got a laptop, where this feature was enabled… Really sped up the process of coding and I ended up having to press less buttons.

I then went to code on my desktop where this feature is disabled… I can’t do it anymore…

(Thanks falco)

Why are you giving me links for sublime? I was simply stating that I love the Notepad++ auto complete/insert feature…

Sublime is about 10x better than Notepad++.

Are you sure it’s exactly 10x ? not 9.5 or 11? Also might elaborate why? I’m not going to take your word for it.

he did say “about” 10x … not sure what his margin for error is though. ± 0.5x?

You could also use atom. Better than N++ but worse than Sublime (or so everyone says). And it wont nag you every 10 ctrl+s’s or whatever it is.

Because sublime it’s like 4.33^ times better than atom

tbh i think the choice between NPP, Sublime or Atom is an personal choice? Yeah maybe the autocomplete is better on this, the style better on this, the layout better on this.
But it all come down to an personal taste? i like NPP over Sublime, but it’s still an personal taste.
Maybe someone else prefer atom, another one sublime.

When we include them, we should include all of them.

I like sublime and I disable the mini-map, auto-complete, auto-just-about-everything-else. I like it raw.

Do what you want obviously, same goes for fonts and just about everything else.

I love everything in sublime but the bloody auto correct, it’s fine to have it on brackets and comma’s but the amount of times it predicts the full word wrong making me have to go back again starts to get on me titties a bit.

I’ve used both but prefer Notepad++. To each his own.

I’d recommend making it complete on tab, not enter. I always found it changing the variable when I try to make a new line, so I eventually just changed it and now I only auto-complete things when I need to. To do it, go into your user settings (Preferences->Settings - User) and add this at the bottom of your config (but still within the brackets):

"auto_complete_commit_on_tab": true

This is super irritating when trying to tab out the gap between keys and values in a JavaScript object constructor.

I always try atom for a bit, think I like it, then randomly try sublime again and stick with it, dunno why but atom just can’t keep me yet

also it might seem obvious but a nice workflow thing is getting git setup so you can edit locally, hit 1-2 buttons (or type 1-2 commands) and now the files are on your server too, I prefer that so much to like editing remotely or manually copying stuff over (maybe there’s an even better way but something like SFTP doesn’t seem as secure)

Atom feels much slower and clunkier(?) than any other editor I’ve used, and still missing some features, I can see why people would use Sublime but why atom?

With git you’re supposed to do things locally and push them to the repository. It’s how version control works. The online editor provided by e.g. Github is only for small and/or quick edits, not for copying whole files over. :v:

I was actually looking to see if they open sourced sublime2 and found this

“Lime Text is a powerful and elegant text editor primarily developed in Go that aims to be a Free and open-source software successor to Sublime Text.”

Can anyone verify its goodness?