'Project A'

Please read the below link for an update on release dates :slight_smile:




Hey there,

Welcome to this highly informative thread about our new schema ‘project A’ http://projectaperture.org

‘project A’ is going to be the semi-serious post apocalyptic roleplaying script to end all post apocalyptic roleplaying scripts. We’ve focused on keeping elements of ‘character leveling’ whilst also stuffing this gamemode full of content and features.

The idea is that you pick a character and develop them into a highly specialised part of the community. Unlike other servers, killing is highly NPC orientated, with randomly scripted events which challenge the entire server to be called to arms and fight as a unit, not amongst eat other. This said, we’re also incorporating a highly complex ‘gang manager’ which will allow leaders an overview of member’s assets, kills and progression. As well ad arrange meetings, wars with other groups and generally have a good social.

After much thought, we believe that the problem with most roleplaying servers is that there simply aren’t enough passive roleplaying classes, (although you shouldn’t need a class for passive roleplay) and the ones that do exist give the player a huge disadvantage in the game or are just generally boring to play with. Whilst we are never going to claim ‘fixing’ this, we shall say that differentiating classes give players the chance to show their skill in ways other than killing things.

Oh and, before you ask, we’re not using any of Kuro’s framework. He’ll throw a hissy fit and lob cigs at us. This has been built from the ground upwards entirely by us. Granted, most models and textures are not ours.

Classes will be divided into:

  • Soldiers
  • Snipers
  • Explosive experts
  • Medics
  • Traders/merchants
  • Engineers

Each class has it’s own specialty and development tree. As a play progresses levels, so does their character’s strength, agility and armour.

But the point of the game is that you will be severely hindered if you go into the wastes by yourself. For example, if a soldier goes out into the wastes without a sniper, then that invisible sand monster is gunna pop up right infront of him as he has no motion sensor to detect it with. He’s not bleeding out on the ground, with no vehicle to drive him back (and no engineer to drive it), no medic to keep him patched up so he can be medi-vacced to a safe-town and ontop of that, he’s just lost his gun, armour and a load of ammunition.

Combat will be realistic. (by Gmod standards) With players being able to kill using a single shot the the head. Arms and legs can be crippled and every armour and NPC has a weak spot. If shot with a heavy round, you may be thrown off your feet. Firing your gun for too long may result in partial deafness and standing on a mine will probably leave you in many little pieces.

Full details available on the website:


Vehicles are numerous and customisable (yeh, you heard that right)

Engineer classes may apply repairs to vehicles, respray and modify them. By using scraps and old parts, you can fit new weapons to Jeeps and turn them into Combat Jeeps or Transport Jeeps.

We’re even adding helicopters for the really committed (and rich) player.

Vehicles will stay in your inventory but can only be spawned in certain areas of the map.

Seriously, there are so many features. Just check out the website:



  • Hats
  • Plants
  • Traveling merchants
  • Server-wide, random events
  • Roaming NPCs
  • Bosses
  • Interactive settlements
  • Buyable tools
  • Parachutes (for insertion via helicopter)
  • Defenceive structures
  • Weapon mods


Go to the website. Lots on there :slight_smile:


A development server will be up some times this week for donators to play on. Players who donate to our other Phase Four server (click the large Aperture logo at the top to be forwarded to our forums) before the 17th Jan, sill also recieve free Gold donator for our new project A server, plus access to the donator forums, (where we post exclusive concept images) early access to the beta server and will still receive Gold donator privileges on our current server too.

Release date set for early March 2011

Now up, but not running a server.

i5 2.66gHz Quad Core
8gb RAM
2x 1TB HDD
100mb/s uplink

So we’ll be fine on the hosting front.



Thank you for looking. Remember, you can suggest ideas etc. on the website. So rather than making a post here about such-and-such, please click here http://projectaperture.org/suggest-an-idea/ and post something. That way it can be more easily accessed by the team, and we can also make replies etc.

You may also add me as ‘xproffrinkx’


I can’t wait, i wish you good luck with the project.
And with different maps and NPC:s this can work with many other themes, like zombie and STALKER.

Thanks Slayer, yeh, the NPCs are going to take up at least 30% of the production time. We’ve got to add special nodes etc. so they patrol, edit the AI so they they aren’t too easy to kill and also add a speech interface etc.


Nice job on the thread! Will play when it is finally up, good luck.

Cheers mate, looking to get some players in early.

Also, might add a countdown to the site soon. Just to add to the hype :stuck_out_tongue:

Can i be a beta-tester? :v:

That depends. Have you donated? :slight_smile:

I believe that we have about 10 people so far who would like to beta test. So I dunno, priority goes to donators.

Oh, i would donate but i don’t have any cash at the moment. Well, at least i got something interesting to wait for!

Haha, alright mate. I’ll send you a message later about beta testing. Might be able to get you a spot. Not sure.

Are you going to run a 300-slot server?

It’s entirely feasible. We are going to test with 32, 64 and 100. We do of cource have to host our other 42 slotter, but if 100 is possible then I don’t see why 250 isn’t. It’s really a question of weather the MySQL and Source are up to it.

Even so, at least 64 - I can guarantee that. If it gets well populated then we’ll split down into 3 x 32 slots and vary it up a bit.

We’re sorted for hardware though;

Core i5 750 (4x 2.66gHz)
100mb u/d (trafficked)
And x2 1TB HDD (as if we need that much :P)

Oh nice. I’d love to play but only if it was closer to the States.


Oh no, not this again :S

Good work guys, Keep it up.

Can’t wait, sounds good.

OpenAura anyone?

Huh? :slight_smile:

I know that Proff should say this, but this is not using OpenAura.
This is completely new gamemode.

I just edited it to say that. Kuro was probably about to throw some designer hats at us.

Should be pretty cool, some good ideas.