Project AD Warfare

Project AD Warfare

I am looking for these specific kind of coders and modelers to help me with project AD Warfare,

  1. Reliable and Trustworthy.
  2. Has good exp. with Lua Coding
    For Modelers(can make skins, hands and character models, some object models).
  3. Listens well and works fast.
  4. Not mean, and full of his self.
  5. Creativity Brilliance.

AD Warfare. (Alpha vs Delta Warfare)

It is a modern based warfare gmod gamemode with two spec op teams from different countries fight. The conflict takes place in a large market place in the middle east. Each team has to full fill their objectives to win. Ranking system, upgrade system, no classes, vehicles will be in the game after beta, custom models, Weapons are going to be common modern military guns(no AK47,RPGs), Custom maps, right now 3 people are in my team 1 is a mapper and coder, 2 is a idea “givers”, Estimated Time planned for the game being completed is 6 months - 9 months (wanting to get it out fast but perfect), Beta is expected in 3 months possibly.

I am going to build the base of the gamemode so the coders will have it easy on what they should do and where to put the code. I will help all along the project, I am currently building the maps for this gamemode the pictures will be posted up here in a week or 2.

So what you’re looking for is someone to do all the work and expand on all the ideas?

I’m not trying to be mean but your list of requirements is very unrealistic. You might want to re-evaluate it if you are serious about this project and want people to help you.

Most people usually only take up a project if the author has shown that they’re contributing and it interests them. What exactly is your role? Are you one of these “idea givers” that you say is in your team?

I don’t see why anyone would want to join this project.

AK47s are still used, also you’re aiming a bit high for your coders, gmod hasn’t had lua for 5 years (correct me if I’m wrong).
And also I think you should split up your list a bit, I thought you wanted a coder-modeler person.

On topic: I’ll go ask some of my coder and modeller friends if they want to do this.

I didn’t ask for people to post negative about a request you can give me some corrections on what I should fix, but don’t flame me.

Thank you.

Wasn’t a flame at all.

Glad to see that you’re helpin’ out on the gamemode, not just the “project leader”.

I don’t like just sitting around twist my thumbs, I like working and meet the designated deadlines.

Sorry noone’s interested, good luck anyway.

I guess I should of been more clear on my post…

Seems like a great gamemode , we need a modernwarfare mode in gmod. Keep me posted on betas etc in pm , thanks

Sounds great. Some pictures would be nice though

Sounds like something I would really be interested in. I’m a LUA coder and would be willing to help. PM my steam account: cardcapture1 . I am usually always on, so just give me a buzz.

Thank You I am looking forward to working with you CardCapture

Why do you want a BF:Bad company 2 and Call of Duty modernwarfare 2 crossbreed ripoff? Something more original and new would be better. Why do people want to turn games into other games that they could just go and buy (Well yeah, Bad company hasn’t yet come out but it will in a week or so) -_-

Falchion before you can call someone’s gamemode a rip off before it comes out, please wait until it comes out. Yet again I didn’t not post just for someone to flame me, I posted for modelers and coders.