Project : Aftera City

Hello everybody !

I create this post today to have opinions on my project.I have been working with my wife on this new project, that of opening a home-made “DarkRP” server on the new Gmod ( S&Box ) but more particularly on the new source2 engine.

With the lifting of the limitations I want to create two “countries” (France and Morocco) linked by a train. The players will have two totally different architectures and undoubtedly a unique roleplay

I have been working on the project since November in addition to my real life work. I have made some DevBlogs on my site if you want to check them. Google translate will be a great help to you: p

I let you read the first DevBlog but in summary, the two countries will be linked by a train but at the start the players will be in the “central station” and will be able to choose either Morocco or France, but, if they are in France or in Morocco they can take the train directly in the other country

At this moment, I finish the police station, the town hall and the Cathedral (The cathedral will have a specific and very important purpose, however I do not wish to disclose it yet, I am still working on the details)

Here is the channel where I film the “finished” buildings :slight_smile:

There is still a lot of problems with the light and textures, improvements are planned. I only work with 2048x2048 Maximum textures, because I think the textures very heavy

I want to create two big worlds, but currently limited by the grid, as soon as the game comes out. I’m just going to adjust the levels, currently the map will be built on two levels

Hope to have some opinions, thanks for reading

See you later for more advancements :slight_smile:

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Nice! Especially Your cathedral map

  • how big is that map in file size?
  • Are you using HL:Alyx Assets + Others?
  • Is the cathedral Drawn by you in Hammer or is it an object/mesh download where did you get it?

super cool

Thanks for your return

Currently 400 mo … It scares me for the future, I use some HLA assets but the majority are personal

The Cathedral is a model which has been optimized and textured with 3DS max, the interior of the Cathedral is in a kind of “sarcophagus” to improve the performance, I download from different sites, Cgtrader, Turbosquid, Warehouse Skepchup, texture_com website etc…