Project Blackout

I would like the main characters you can buy for credits (Fake money). Porting should be easy.


Those look awful, no offence. At least the females not counting the viper which is semi decent.
Also why would porting be easy? On what engine does the game run.

Because it runs on the same engine as combat arms or something. . . The models are actually a lot better than they look. I have the game and they look pretty good.

I’m talking about their overall designs.

And combat arms runs on a modified version of lithtech.
So that means no skeleton if you can actually get the models. The rez files could be a different version as well as the mesh files.

It’s called i3Cube or i3Engine which is made my Zepetto

in that case it’s not the same engine as CA.

Yeah . . . I thought it might have been.

Acid looks cool. Keen Eye’s too. Could someone port those two?.




nope,I just misstyped a post
btw,I already See The Hide For Gmod playermodels,i think i saw it at some russian Gmod Community