Project: de_dust as Liquid Sun stage

Im putting the CSS Materials and models in my gmod game, then i will retexture some of them, to make Liquid Sun stage, anyone will bring good images to have a better reference?

I think I speak for everyone when I say: “What the hell?”

Help man, i need good pics to match it

what is Proyect and Liquid Sun Stage?:confused::confused::confused:

I mean Project :B
and Liquid Sun is an Act (act 1) of MGS4

Sounds like your trying to make a map and therefore you are not in the right place >.<

Why didn’t you put that as the title it makes much more sense @.@

Not making a map, its just reskinning a map (Why hell map is similar to fap)


Anyone will help?

What, reskinning a map? Just make a replacement for every single texture in de_dust. And google for reference images.

Bu tif you really want it to look like the city in Liquid Sun, you should make your own map :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know how to make a map, thats why i retexture

Project B: Liquid Sun?
That’s what I deciphered from this thread.

Where is that B?

Its EASY to make simple maps in hammer, and you could just open de_dust change it a little make it bigger AND retexture it.

Liquid sun? What the hell is that?

Just retexture
Just retexture
Just retexture
Just retexture
Just retexture


Edit: Tails, i post ti before ._.

We understand but we don’t know what you’re asking for, how to get the textures or what?

Just getting clear photos, of the streets and that

I’d love to help you out, But I’ve had problems getting photos off my PS3 at the moment. Only thing I can really suggest is watch some videos from youtube of the main street cut scenes. Should give you a rough idea

( and yes, I know exactly what you was talking about. HUEG MGS fan)