Project - Dead Rising1 Mall

Hey everyone

I ever wanted to play in the Dead Rising Mall On computer

So i decide to Create this map for all the Dead Rising Fans :smile:

i cant realy find Good Picture of The game cause its not on PC

Can you help me to draw the Texture and Getting Good Picture this will Help me alots :smile:

Thx for any help

Map information

Will Create around 5-7 maps

1 for each plaza (like in the game)

1 With the entire mall

the must of the texture i am using are over 1024x1024 remade by me and extracted from the original game

V4 is out … i just Worked on the lighting and remodeled the windows

Everythings that is missing Ofc

The Alpha Map V4 Here

Alpha map is now Released

Alpha map V2

The maps will be compatible with Hl2 Hl2dm CS:S Gmod and maybe L4d (should be awesome)

Pictures -

This picture are about what i made atm
I am trying to get the Good Scale, sometime it take time
but i think i got the good one :smiley:

I dont like the Windows and the Shadow That is Glitchy in the back

HD texture made by me

Look at the Game texture on the left and my texture in the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

I am working on around 3-5 hours per days

so this is the progress

I got some problem with the lighting ill work on it

  • Dead Rising - Entrance plaza Floor

  • The floor Tiles i drawed

I found a Extracted Texture of this floor and Redrawed It cause the original was 128x128 and low quality
Its now 1024 :stuck_out_tongue:

2 new picture * Alfa build

I am Still working on the Scale … so this is not Perfect and *it may change *:smile:
All the Dev texture are *there *only *because i do not have *the required texture yet

I will play the game and Work on the map at the same time

I am already working on this mall on roblox so this may help me a bit

i just Started it, i need texture so im working on texture. After that ill need model to base on it else i cant work … and Btw my roblox place is almost accurate to the Dead Rising game feel free to check it

roblox is pretty good for a physic engine and Lua Scripting …

Badly There is alots of noob and the game is designed for kids … but its very nice for Building cool stuff, Using physic engine, Scripting Lua …

I laughed out loud when you said you play Roblox.

haha i stopped playing roblox when i w–

oh wait, i’ve never played that game.

lol im not realy playing it anymore :confused:

and roblox is pretty good for a physic engine and Lua Scripting (the physic is realy better than source)

The bad things is mostly kids are playing that game

I blew up a house once in that game… but thats the only fun thing that happened

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Instead of creating it in an entirely different engine/game, you should draw yourself a little map and such, helps a lot

No offense but with the quality of your Saw map I can’t see this one being a very big hit, or accurate for that matter.

well The saw map i made is all made by me no source at all so i have to use my imagination to make it better

then dead rising i just have to follow Exacly how the map is made like in the game, this will be easier than making all by my own

Anyway, More Goal and challenge i give myself better I will be with Hammer :stuck_out_tongue: so, im starting and i want to get better

I think it will be harder than you think.

You’d be surprised how hard it is mapping something. It starts off fine then soon you realise things have started to fall out of proportion, and there are things you will need to make major changes to if you want to keep it like the original.

yeah true exacly what i did with my roblox place :confused:

I am trying the map every time i did something so i hope this will prevent me to work alots on a bad scaled one

If you think you have the determination then go for it, compile and test often and just start out by making basic blocky layouts of areas before adding detail. Start with the easiest areas first.

Yes i have :stuck_out_tongue: it may take a while to get is looking good but i realy need few texture before working on

and like ive said … i suck to make HD texture

Then learn how to make textures?

I honestly play Roblox once a year. Same as RuneScape. No idea why, but for some reason usually in early spring my mind just says “fuck it” and I’m loading up RuneScape. Then summer comes around and I’m like, “WHYYYYYYY?!”.

Anyways, read up on some texture tutorials, there’s plenty of them around. I know there’s Dead Rising model packs, too, I have one installed on my GMod, so I suggest using that.

Roblox has better physics than Source?

Yeah, no.

lol its realy better

The game dont start freezing when 100 block is falling

source is not made for building complex Physic things

Are you serious.

Source uses an old version of havoc.

If you want real physics, check out physX.

hmm i dont think PhysX or the new Havok are working fine with Gmod or any source game :confused:

I just said Roblox’s Physic is better than Source but its lego style

the most of the phys map on gmod are laggy cause the engine is not made for

than roblox is made for blow up a 2000 pieces building

Thats why i said that

i know there is better engine like physX havok and many more but its not compatible with source lol

well anyway Roblox is a pretty good game for Building and Scripting

yeah this is almost only Kids who are playing it :frowning: this is the bad point

anyone who know alots about Lua and Cframe may create a very good place

thats why im playing it sometime

Source is a heavily modified Havok.