Project "Flying Fish" is recruiting

Project “Flying Fish” is a experimental GCombat08 attack tool using only thrusters and1-3 core e2’s per “Fish”. The highlight of this project is to intercede the modular swarm system. Currently all know attempts to make a swarm system like this have failed and what features that do work require two pilots to work.
We need people to fill the following slots:
1: Experienced Advanced e2 coder-Taken by FU-FU
2:Experienced Advanced e2 coder-Taken by chinoto
3:Experienced Advanced e2 coder
4:Experienced Advanced e2/zCPU coder- Taken by IamMcLovin
5:Experienced Advanced zCPU coder
6:Experienced GCombat Builder-Taken by Link42
7:Experienced GCombat Builder
8:Experienced GCombat Builder
9:Group Officer
10:Group Officer
Here is the application:
1.What slot do you want
2.What is your best skill
3.If you had any super power what would it be
4.How much experience do you have in the area in number 2
5.Is there anywhere we can see some of your work at
6.What is you steam account name(not needed until after its been reviewed)

If you want more info pm me.

Uhhh what

Its a project im working on that is recurting, read the top.
Slot 1 given to non FP member.


Slot 4 taken by non fp user.
Btw this thred is also on



So you’re effectively making a distributed intelligence swarm of predators?
Sounds awesome. Are you going to be using emergent, or pre-programmed behavior, and will the individual “fish” be able to communicate with one another?
I assume the aim is to make an attack group. I’m good at building stuff, and I can do plenty of normal Wire (no E2 yet though, haven’t learnt programming).
If you need a good builder, and someone who has a good grasp of group/swarm dynamics, then PM me or something :slight_smile:


  1. Group Officer
  2. Ordering people around.
  3. How old are you?
  4. I have a brother you see.
  5. Nope sorry, but I am good at ordering people around.
  6. DaBoss1337Halo3


Yes re hiring.


===Project “Flying Fish” Outline===
The fish are planes that attempt to work together in order to achieve one goal, to destroy the enemy efficiently and quickly.
Manual: User shoots and flies
Semi: E2 shoots and player flies with e2 assistance
Auto: E2 shoots and flies

Path finding: This will be used to make sure each fish can get to the/a target.
Use E2 to find nodes (unique model or ai nodes) and then store them in a memory gate for later use.
An E2 will use ranger functions to decide if a path can be made between two nodes. CPU will calculate the quickest path.
E2 will send the path to each fish using global vars and glon.
We may be using to minimize the amount of number based global vars used.

The first 600 indexes of the memory will be used for the vectors (200 vectors * XYZ).

All fish should arrive at the target at the same time, one expression will send a time (based on curtime()) that they should be at the target and then each fish will do something like Speed=PathLength/(TargetTime-curtime()).

“Prey” (book by michel chiton) much lol

what is this group officer possition you speak of my good man

So… what will these things do when they get there. (they sound amazing though) (DO WANT)

Wont they lagg in swarms?

Thats one of the goald. But its only a swarm of 6, and swarm wireing is only on if it is in swarm mode.

1.Group Officer
2.Basically, I’m what’s called “a jack of all trades, and a master of none”. I’m good at basically any of the skills needed(wire, building, gcombat, etc."), but haven’t truly mastered any of them.
3.Psychokinesis. Why?
4.Yet again, jack of all trades, and a mater of none. I have sufficient experience in all the skills needed.
5.No. Sorry :gonk:
6.Pwnick (I’ll show up as “Serpentine Savior”)

(((1)))>I would either like to be group officer ( if it means planing things and organizing production. or a Gcombat builder.
(((2)))>It is kind of hard for this one, but i have been playing garrysmod for 6 years so i have a fair grasp on things, i have a good understanding of the basic tools, and a moderate nolage of wiremod, I would ave to say i am best at ideas and precise building.
(((3)))>It would be the ability to heal/kill things with my hands/mind
(((4)))>No experiance in coding but a friend of mine is really good and can teach me on the way (if your talking about advanced e2 coding.)
(((5)))>Not entirely but if its needed i will see if i can make a video.
(((6)))>Cryostasis, but i might change it to Mr.Antisocial just mabey.

Hope thats enough and that i have a good idea about what your talking about. Get back to me when you can.

The hell is this crap

aa your avatar frightens me Sam

edit: that’s a hell of a design document for such a large-scale project.