"Project Hunter"

What is “Project Hunter”?
Project Hunter is a gamemode currently being developed by SharpShootersGaming (http://www.sharpshootersgaming.com/) by me and the 2 owners of SharpShootersGaming(Azriel and Sno). It is a 2 v 22 gamemode which puts 2 teams, the Marines and the Hunters against each other in a fight for survival against one another. Rounds are fast and frantic and teamwork is key. Everything so far is work in progress.

Dev Team?
Me (Raptor Jesus) - Coding(Gameplay, weapons, models, equipment)
Azriel - Coding (HUD’s and Shop)
Sno - Coding(Maps, gameplay, teams)

What are the Marines’ traits?
First off, they have strength in numbers. There are 22 of them and only 2 Hunters. They also have the weaponry to back up their attack. LMG’s, SMG’s and Shotguns are some of the arsenal that is included. Also, the marines have the ability to track hunters with motion detectors (in development)[kind of like in Aliens]. Marines are also hindered. They are much slower than the Hunters and cannot travel as fast. Teamwork is key in order to bring down the hunters.

What are the Hunters’ traits?
Hunters are outnumbered 11 to 1. They must rely on stealth and precision to take down the Marines one by one. There tactics include long range take downs, close range harassment and decoy grenades as well as real grenades that the marines have no way of knowing. These can be used for either flushing out of camp spots or taking out groups. Hunters are also very fast and can jump high, travelling across the map quick and stealthily. The hunters also have the advantage of near invisibility (hence, motion trackers available to marines). The only problem with invisibility is that light tends to make them translucent, not visible, so hunters can be seen on certain areas of the map.

Where does it take place?
Currently, there is only one map it will be taking place on with other maps soon to come.

What else is there?
There will be a shop system with weapons and upgrades available based on the number of hunters or marines you have killed over your entire playtime. This feature is currently in development. The HUD’s for both the marines and the hunters is also in development. There is still plenty to be done.

When is the release date?
Currently, there is no scheduled release date. But it will most likely come out this year. There WILL be a closed beta for players that have VIP status or higher. This beta period will be used for feedback and improvements.

Features Currently In Development
Shop for both Marines and Hunters
HUD’s for Marines/Hunters
Random Hunter Picker
Weapons/Equipment for Marines/Hunters
Motion Tracker for Marines
Third Person viewing

All the pics show the current map this will be taking place on.
The next 3 pics show off some of the weapons available to the marines:




This pic shows off the still in-dev third person.



so you just shown a few random sweps in a random map

no offense but dont you think it would be better to hold on and actually post when you have some proper content?

As I said, this is currently work in development. I will add more things to show off. Do not fear my good sir. :slight_smile:
Also no offense taken. :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Can’t wait to see a proper gamemode with this style in my server list. The one in fretta just doesn’t do for me.

Do we really need to be a vip or something in your community to try and help you make it better? Couldn’t find a way on your website fast but I hope it’s not through donating.

There will be a closed beta for players that are VIP and higher on SharpShootersGaming but I have been thinking of an open beta for all players to play on. :slight_smile:

The reason for the closed beta is so that I can hear feedback from the community. The open beta(if there will be one :s) will be when I’ve made improvements and updates to the gamemode)

So this is basically Crysis 3 in GMod ?

I wouldnt call it exactly like crysis 3 in gmod. Its more of a blend of Crysis, Stalker and to an extent The Hidden. Of course that is just my POV of the project. You can view it as you want.

No… it’s literally Crysis 3’s new gamemode.
It’s literally the same thing.
CELL units are outnumbering CELL-traitors in Nanosuits.

The CELL units have the standard weapons.

Nanosuits can jump very fucking far, run really fast, and has stealth.

Nanosuits rely on close-range kills and long-range takedowns.

Please don’t tell me this is a blend of 2 other games, because it’s only a copy of one game.

Do you feel satisfaction in making other feel bad in insulting peopls work?
If you answered yes, then you are pathetic. Talking shit about people and their work makes you look like a lifeless loser who has nothing better to do than to get a scrap of happiness out of insulting others.
If you answered no, then WHY did you post here? If you dont like it, simply dont post on it! Instead you went on making yourself look like a 12 year old faggot who shit talks about other peoples projects behind a computer screen. If you want to say shit about my teams project, say it face to face to us in real life. Oh. Wait. YOU CANT. You are too much of a pussy to do so. Yes, I accept criticism such as “Honestly, i dont like it” or “You can propably have done that better”. BUT what i DO NOT stand is insulting of me and my teams work. Next time, be smart and dont make yourself look bad.

Also, take a look in my last post dumbass. I said it was MY POV of the project. Learn to read.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - postal))

Do you have permission to use these SWEPS? http://steamcommunity.com/id/ChrisR/myworkshopfiles/?4000

And that map? Looks to be this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104483047