Project: JoCo! (Main Page)

Copypasta from YT: Project JoCo is a attempt to collect the entire fanbase of Jonathan Coulton, and creatively produce videos for the amazing works of Jonathan Coulton. If everything goes as planned, a new video will be picked each month.

Here’s how it works: Every Month, I will post a video about what song we’re working on now. People can then make videos, and tag them with projectjoco - If I don’t add it to the playlist, smack me a message or a email ( and I’ll be up. After three weeks, the videos will be categorized and judged - The categories are this: Machinima, Animation and Film.
The winner of each category (Determined 50/50 by a jury and vote e-mails) gets posted on the list of awesome videos whom you shall see if you are a pityful mortal.
Copypasta End.

I’d actually like to see what you guys may come up with. Also, the first song is “I feel fantastic” - Good Luck guys :3