Project: OneLife - MW2-Inspired FPS Gamemode - Seeking Playtesters

To be fully transparent:
This is a new thread which originates from this thread. I am creating a new thread because of the overhauls I have done to the gamemode, and for the need of a fresh slate to work from.
Additionally, a thread was created here asking for suggestions regarding the UI of my menu. I would like to keep that thread up and alive and have it be used specifically for menu-related discussion outside of the realm of the gamemode.

Hi there! To everyone who wasn’t around when I first debuted this piece of shit, welcome! I started working on this gamemode approximately 14 months ago, without any goal in mind besides “I want to make an FPS gamemode.” I switched from wanting to emulate Battlefield 4 to Insurgency to CS:GO, and now I’ve sort of settle on a bit of everything, which I hope will, in the end, create a challenging, but not unfun, environment with little bullshit.

The idea, and this is firmly cemented at the gamemode’s core, is First-Person shooter game types where the player is given one life, and one life only. Hence the name.

Some features currently implemented into the gamemode:

  • Full utilization of Knife Kitty’s Insurgency Weapon Pack based off Spy’s Customizable Weaponry 2.0 weapon base
  • Currently: 1 game type (last team standing) with more to come in the future
  • Full weapon customization for every included weapon
  • Level and Money system for rank progression and for purchasing weapon attachments
  • A growable stat-tracker to track all your stats
  • 8 distinct roles each with a unique set of weapons and class progression
  • In-game weapons shop where players can buy new weapons and attachments for them
  • A not-shitty UI
  • Teams, playermodels, and chatter ripped from MW2 multiplayer (calling out reloads, damage grunts, grenade throws, all from the MW2 Multiplayer)
  • In-game map and mode voting

Additionals features that I plan on implementing soon in the future:

  • Immersive, dynamic combat audio dependent on the amount of players alive at the time
  • 4 additional game types
  • End-match accolades and awards based on game performance
  • An end-match MVP screen where the top player performs a preselected taunt while the server votes
  • An easy-to-use career history page accessible to each player for every player
  • Combat tool-tips to help new players

Again, I want to stress these are all one-life modes only. That means means the damage model is high, and there are many variables that affect your gameplay.

Some quick pictures of the current state of the menus

You can find a Steam Group I’ve created for the gamemode by clicking on this text.


You can find my Discord channel I’ve created for the gamemode by clicking on this text.

I’m leaving these links here because I’m looking for people interested in playing (and playtesting) such a gamemode. I’m not certain how big the “FPS” crowd in Gmod is, but I’m hoping I find a few people interested.

Additionally, I feel I should mention now I am currently opposed, but not entirely against, releasing the gamemode to the public. I know it can be good for the longevity, but it also de-concentrates the playerbase and that can cause popular modes to fail (looking at Ground Control here). Also, the gamemode uses a lot of copyrighted content I don’t own. I don’t plan on passing off work that isn’t mine as it isn’t ethical.

If you have anything to say, I’m all ears.

While I obviously haven’t had a chance to try the gamemode for myself, I have to say that the Reconnaissance/Scout class, Designated Marksman/Sharpshooter class, and the Sniper class seem a bit redundant. I get that they’re based on Insurgency classes, but I feel like they could potentially have too much overlap in your gamemode. It’s hard to say for sure since I haven’t played it, but I think it’s something you should consider.

Scout/Recon class are distinctly different from the other 2. Scout/Recon isn’t given access to any sniper or rifles or smoke, and is instead a strictly mobile-but-close-quarters class.

I can see an argument for Sniper and Marksman/Sharpshooter, they are very similar, but I’ve disallowed some weapon usage for one versus the other and changed equipment availability, so we’ll see where that goes.

A better name would help separate that association. Something like Flanker and Point-man give a better feeling of being a ‘mobile but close quarters class’ as opposed to Recon/Scout imo.

That’s a pretty good idea. “Flanker” or “point-man” may be a little too blunt, in my opinion, but I’ll try and think of something. Otherwise, if anyone has any other ideas, I’m open to hearing them.