Project Reality: Battlefield 2 CH-47 Chinook ragdoll

Sup guys. It’s been a long time since I released something (and got some fucking winners), but these times ARE GONE, LOL.

I present you a well known Chinook helicopter. It has some freaky awesome shaders and thanks to Skaarj636 it has ragdolled rotors, the rear door-thing and some nice physics so you can pose stuff inside.

6 skins included (woodland and desert versions): RAF, US Army, Canadian Air Force

Bodygroups: Rotor (static/spinning), cargo seats (on/off, however the shadows are fucking baked)

Also it has a quite detailed cockpit (indeed!). Anyway, click this british bastard to download:


Have some non GIF-shit images:[/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb]

PS. Workshopper suuuuucks!

Damn fine job. And fucking gamefront wont work, it just says 403 forbidden. Mind uploading it to or something?

Mother-fuck… So much work and now Gamefront fucks up.

Uploading to DropBox, this will be a temporary replacement for the gamefront.

Well, Gamefront has always been a bitch to me.

If you want you can borrow some space on my mediafire acc, just pm if you need it!

I’ll support project reality stuff til the grave

I was just thinking of where I could get a helicopter with a large interior.

DropBox download

That’s brilliant, this’ll help me out a ton. Rated winner

Sweet, showing Canada some love. Downloaded

Thanks for sharing this fantastic job.

So damn awesome. Many thanks to you.

Were there a crashed version of this in the game? Would be cool to have.

Awesome release, this will be really useful!

Thank you sooooo much dude!!! I have been looking for this forever! :smiley:

But damn it’s hard to find the props since I had to scroll through the forum page one by one, but I’m glad I did so anyway :slight_smile:

Would you kindly stop bumping dead threads and just send a PM instead? Seriously, that’s 3 threads that you’ve revived now.

Katra, wrong thread for that reply.

Anyhow, Very nice work mate! Looking forward to using this!

Before they made their post, this thread’s last post was back in May of 2013; that’s a little over a year and a half without being posted in. I’m pretty sure this thread is dead, so I don’t think this is the wrong thread for that reply. Not trying to start any fights, but common sense would be to not bump a thread that’s been sitting for a year without any new posts. There are some exceptions, but their post wouldn’t normally be considered as one of those exceptions based on how most other people respond in this section to posts like theirs.

Oh, sorry. I thought that this was directed at Kali’s Black Ops Vehicle pack due to it being recently bumped.