Project Reality: DarkRP

Hi world.

2 weeks ago i created my DarkRP server

I create some customs things, and now i want to give this for other, and help for other server owner’s, this is like as blog.

sorry for my f* english, i know E. so bad.

At first i want give 2 things:


this addon include 4 radios, every radio have skin and icon, half of music from GTA IV, half from Source games.



It’s good car pack, fully optimized for DarkRP gamemode


Not big, it’s use only 15mb(if you will yose bzip2)

Include 11 usefull cars

Every car have more then 1 seat!, for example police jeep have 6 seats.

Scripts optimized for DarkRP gamemode, the cars not very fast, not slowly, every car have special script.(not fu*** buggy script)

Every car have horn, police cars and ambulance have special horn.

Some cars have more then 1 skin.

Usefull cars, for example: you can put shipments into tides truck.



1)Evocity_2d Cave fix + pool’s toys antispam + Lab block
2)Madcow 3 shipments
3)and more…

really cool, ill have to join ur server

Add more links. If you are not going to upload the real thing onto,at least give us more links.(Dont give me megaupload,those bastards blocked HK/China IPs and theres no way around it)

And which button for the “horn”?

R - horn, F - light

Why can’t you use or ? why u have to use damn file sharing sites like… its so damn slow… -.-

I have a problem with these. Whenever I get in the car I always get in the passenger seat making it so I cant drive. Also, when you press F4 to own the cars I get “You must be looking at a door or vehicle” even though I am

Is this the same Project Reality that had the idea to make DarkRP better a year ago?

That was TeamReality they created gmodrp. They wanted to destroy darkrp especially slob.

If I remember correctly they were the biggest group of illiterate retards. And 5 accounts were just one person anyway.

This is just DarkRP with a bunch of entities thrown in. I fail to see how this makes it ‘realistic’.

No steam? DarkRP with a bunch of mixed veichles and entities? Come on, add a little effort cause’ no one is gonnna use a /me command JUST beacause the server says “SeriousRP” and it has a darkRP script

darkrp has gone to shit fyi

Don’t know why people rate ‘dumb’.

Some people put a lot of work into this kind of stuff :.

This is not the case.

Oh wait it is, my eyes are fucking melting due to all the realism. You see those yellow errors on every screenshot? Those are written with piss. Real piss.

The problem with this thread is simple. This isn’t realistic, nor a project, nor a gamemode. There is no Lua scripting taking place here at all, this is just a guy throwing addons in a server and calling it his gamemode.

DarkRP is crap, some people put alot of work into crap. I support RP for the most part, even though it’s so over done, but Dark RP is crap.

And this is in the wrong section, shit like this goes in Server Advertisement section. But I suggest you give up on DarkRP.

My eyes… They can’t take it anymore… All those DarkRP servers… :psypop:

You cant fix cave dummie.