Project Reality. +shitty boring bonus picture.

This picture is basicly based upon an experience in the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2, where the squad i was in were pinned ontop of a roof by insurgents, eventually we got reinforcements and we managed to get away with 2 casualties.

Plus the shitty boring bonus picture.

C&C and Enjoy.

PR is a cool mod. And i like the pics to, but because its about PR, Aimpoint sights don’t zoom in you probably just had an M16A4 with ACOG. Still like em tough.

It’s not zooming in though, it looks like it but it’s not supposed to atleast.

Nice idea. I ought to do some PR-themed pics… just need to find decent models for it.

Oh now i see. :slight_smile:

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I do have some US Army models, but someone really needs to make some better ones.

We need british models damnit.