Project Roleplay - Gameplay to Stories

Project Roleplay

Project Roleplay is a straight forward experiment to settle the myth of “serious” and “casual” roleplayers. The following experiment isn’t just based in roleplay servers. This experiment takes place on any Garry’s Mod server… The basis is simple, make a story.
The best quote I heard regarding roleplay, was something I was told by my 7th grade English teacher.

That quote… Is what this whole experiment is based on, you make a story from what you see in a server. If you wish to make a horror story about a match in TTT… Go ahead. If you wish to make an anarchist story from Dark RP… Go ahead.

You take the incident, and make it art. Enjoy yourselves, and make sure to use quote tags for the stories.

I told my english teacher in 7th grade about it. She likes the idea.
> A’s.

Not quite sure if I understand what you’re trying to do here…
You’re having people roleplay out different stories in-game that has happened to them?

I think he wants us to turn our in-game experiences into full blown stories that we can all read here. For example: if there was this one time that you finished building something amazing in sandbox and minges destroyed it, you can write something about how savages tore apart your base, or something.

Exactly Lunik. The concept is too take average events in a game, and turn it into a full fledged story.

But that gets annoying when someone finds a wrench on the ground and decides that its a murder weapon and that we are all killers.


Yeah… areo what?

Salvation aka the reason why minges do what they do

It was a beautiful day in Downtown, just like any other… People were just closing down their shops, waving to each other as they were heading home.
They had no idea what was ahead of them.
I’m not a murderer… I’m a savior, a warrior of peace. It all began when I first found this wrench, just laying there on the street… Apparently a dead gangster had dropped it when struggling against the police. I grabbed it, and it felt so good holding it in my hand. It’s like destiny brought me and this wrench together, for this one cause. I need to fulfill my destiny, and save this world from these filthy killers. These filthy murderers and gangsters, ruining our world by the second.

I was standing there in the dark, when a man approached me wondering how my day had been. Without hesitating, I quickly slung the wrench at him, hitting him in the head. As I witnessed the blood flow out of his head as he dropped to the ground, I laughed. It felt so good.
It felt so good saving people from themselves.

The night continued with similar events, until I was forced out of the city by its rulers… I knew what I had to do.
I gathered my friends, and continued onto the next city. Nothing was going to stop our quest.


Not out of my perspective, I just felt the need to write this after seeing his post

**This Must be Purgatory


Caught me just at the right time too. My English class just got cancelled, so I had both spare time AND a need to write something. This is a neat little idea, but could it also apply to games outside Gmod as well?*

Sorry about the late reply, and yes it can also apply to other games.

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Fuck writers block… I’ve been trying to write something regarding corruption in servers, ooc feuds influencing stuff, and gaming the system, but I keep getting writers block.