[PROJECT] Rust Global Ban Database

Hello Facepunch the last few days i’ve been working on a Global Ban Database System for Rust.
It will store bans from servers that use the plugin into a big database that will print it out on our Rust Ban Database website,
there you can go and lookup SteamID’s to see if they have been banned on any other servers recently.

And obviously if they have been banned like 3-5 times they are most likely really annoying or a cheater.

Here is a Demo of what it will look like: http://dev.rustdb.net

NOTE: This is under heavy Development still.

This will probably be most useful for Server Owners/Administrators.

Please come with some feedback and if the community wants a site like this?


Sounds like a mature site that will totally go well.

Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: Nah it was just testing…

Sounds like shit if you piss kiddos admins and they ban you, you may end up on the list and get banned from many servers wrongfully or some shit. VAC is already working it’s magic and is impartial, has 100% software proof that you hacked etc… I’d say that if you ignore the plugin implementation and just let people post steamIDs and reasons/video/proof/etc then maybe it’s a good idea.

I like this idea :slight_smile: Keep working on it.

well if you manage it well, select servers / admin to be part of the list it would be awesome!
this is really something missing, cause VAC is good, but slow.
maybe those bans should only be allowed if caught by anti cheats (mod anti cheats like you can find on magma or oxide) and manually by admins if they give a good reason for it, and ban servers that abuse the banlist of what ever.

VAC is shit.
And it will be a way of appealing bans and Reporting Sketchy servers so we will blacklist the server.

Anyway you sound like a scared hacker right now? xD

I think this is a really bad idea. The same thing tried to happen for Minecraft and it quickly was taken down and it didn’t work. Don’t do this it’s a bad idea. I could enter anyone and say they cheated in the “database” and they would be banned. Even with video I still think it’s a bad idea.

Besides, who cares about old Rust? VAC and EAC will be great so just let them do their job.

Well from what i know about the Minecraft Ban System is that mcbans.com works very well.
Also this wont blacklist people from joining servers with this Plugin cause this is just a wake upper kind off. Since Server Admins can go here and see if the suspected hacker has any bans on him from before. And if he have been banned from like 3 other servers for aimbot or whatever he is most likely hacking.

I suppose. But we may not even need it if EAC does it’s job well then when EAC bans them from every server VAC will swoop in. I guess we’ll see.

There will always be a way to go around a ANTI-CHEAT Trust me :slight_smile:
The only way to go around this method is to hack and take down the website :stuck_out_tongue:

Global bans are generally shit because if a 5 year old admin bans you for the reason: Big poopyhead. You are banned from any server with that plugin. MCbans is garbage as well.

Most useful to me would be a spectator mode. I don’t need a website collecting all the stupid bans from those who can’t figure out who’s really cheating. As long as there are no screenshots of people superjumping or videos of them speedhacking or the likes, I am not interested in bans that come out of someone’s head.

You need to remember we will have a system for catching them. We will make a report system so Shitty server owners can be reported and their server will be blacklisted.

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Its not something that comes out of one persons head.
This will be like, if 3 or more servers ban them they are most likely hacking? dont you think…

No I don’t think so. Most of the servers have admins who don’t care and ban people, whether they’re hacking or not.
If someone has good aim and visits 10 servers where people claim he’s aimbotting, he will show up on this list. This is too much heuristics, there’s nothing that guarantees that an entry is valid.

While I appreciate your work, there’s too much inaccuracy in systems like these. Surely some people will use this list but I won’t because of that.

Well… We will see how it goes.

I was banned from 6 or more servers for killing a lot of players, and i think this isn’t a good idea.

Admins ban people because 4-5 or more people tell them that a player is hacking (it can, and doesn’t need to be true) because they would rather have 4-5 or more players instead of one guy that is going make even more players to leave the server.
So this “Project” is really dumb.

Good players get banned on a regular basis , should they be perma banned because of such a system ? It won’t work and for the ones that say VAC is good , nope it sadly is extremely slow and maybe EAC will help in putting a bit more down but as in any game they will never be totally gone

^ nothing obvious in that

Well then its the time to report the server owner then :slight_smile:

So all I’d need to do is rent five servers, and then I could submit bans for the entire range of Steam IDs that has ever been issued. Doesn’t sound abusable at all.

Be fun to make a plugin. For every PvP kill, 100 IDs get added.