[PROJECT+] Rust Hardcore Classic (modified drops, less guns, more funs) Come test it with us!

Hello again!

Currently testing modified drops for this 50 slot server. Guns are now much harder to come by.
You can still craft 9mm by default and ammo for it, but all other military grade guns, are only available thru blueprint, and blueprints are rare drop in airdrop crates.
Idea behind it, is to turn Rust into little more hardcore feel with bow and arrows and handmade weaponry.
Please come join us and help us test this server for a week, before we transfer server files to 150 slots.

Teamspeak address:
Server address: net.connect


Sounds interesting!

However 9mm’s are still decent when you know how to aim.

Transferred gamemode to 150 slot here.
This server was transformed to Deathmatch with crazy Weapon and armor drops, more info here.