PROJECT X (First time SWEP)
Finally posted, enjoy… I guess…

Put in Shared.lua
SWEP.Primary.Ammo = “crossbow”

Thanks, I was gonna have it set to bolt.


How do I post the link as one of those boxes? It looks more professional that way.

I’m not sure, But Mate, If you need any help Pm me, I have free time and Help is always nice :slight_smile:
- K.D

Actually it’s XBowBolt. - this page shows all the ammo types you can use.

And I stand corrected, Thanks for giving the real answer
As for the “Box Upload Link”

-You just upload to
-Go onto the files download page
-Go to the Bottom of the page, There should be two links
-Copy and Paste the first link into your Post
-Voila!!, A Box Link!!

Project X


Ah, i remember my first swep, surprisingly it got front page on Hopefully you get as lucky as i did.

Thanks all, but my SWEP is at my friends house, so I’ll fix and post it later.

Type [ lua ] Hi [ /lua ] (without the spaces)