Project Zion US east Rust++ |Starter Kit|Door Share|10 player Airdrop|1/2 Craft|Sleepers|PVP|noob Friendly|


Server has 100 slots with low population.
Active Admins that don’t Abuse or play favorites.
We work hard to keep play 100% fair and free of hackers.

Admins play like another other player and our bases have even been raided.

We are a pvp server that encourages player battles. We are a noob friendly server and admins will be willing to help out fresh spawns get off the ground.

-We have Door Share - So you and your friends can work on one house together.
-We have starter kit- /starter gives you a few start items to help you out.
-Crafting is set to 1/2 the time. This helps people get houses up faster but not let raiders instant craft things to try to get into your house.
-Airdrops set to 10 players- Sense the server population is low we keep the airdrops to a low number of players.
-Admin run trading post in game- can trade materials for items you can’t seem to find.
-As server population increases we will run admin events.
-No house thieves. Admins will do their best to retrieve or fix your house from a griefer.
-Master house builder admin- Decker will offer house building advice if asked. He knows all the tricks used by raiders and how to prevent them.

Come build a new home on Zion where all the admins are friendly and fresh spawns are welcome. Help make this server even better then it is.