Projected Textures: I am completely confused.

They’re just not working. Env_projectedtexture just doesn’t seem to work on any map in any source game and I have no idea why. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong or there’s a glitch within the entity but what ever the case, it’s just not showing. I’ve checked the flags, forced it with an ‘auto_logic’, checked to see if my own flash light would work. The flashlight works, but the entity doesn’t.

So I thought I might ask you facepunch; seeing that I’ve tried everything to get it working. Is there something I’m missing?

It only works in the orange box engine.

Is “enable shadows” set to “yes” in the env_projectedtexture’s properties?

I tried doing an env_projectedtexture using “Portal” as my “current game” choice, and it would never work.

So I changed the “current game” to Episode 2 and compiled the map, and it worked.

Don’t you think I know dynamic shadows from projected textures are exclusive to orangebox? :U

And Yes.

Your shadow settings have to be on high.