ProjectRP *Details Inside* I need Scripters. I Can handle mapping, modeling.

So, first of all for now nearly a year, I have been jotting down ideas and sketches. For a huge RP, better than any other.

There will be many things, all being new.

*New custom models - By Me
*New map to RP on. - By Me
*I have notebooks full of ideas that Id love to make real.

So just a brief description of the rp in general.

You level up. You have to be a certain level to use certain items or jobs etc. XP points gained for using items blowing up printers etc.
*Multiple things to help you gain exp.
*Gangs that fight for territory, you have places on map that if you place a gang monument your gang earns money and exp over time.
Money Launderer’s - You put say 15k in it over time you get a 200% back. $1200
Printer Coolers
Printer Rate Increaser’s
Printer Amount Increaser’s

But a 1 man team cant make all this stuff happen. There is a lot of coding and a lot of dedication and time behind it.
I know lua to an extent, but I need some more Advanced, Pro lua scriptwriters along my side.
I can take care of all organization of things, financial, Server hosting, modeling, mapping, website.

I just need some people to help do the scripting.

Add me on steam.

Sounds like a MMO instend.

You do realize that to add you on steam, we… need your steam name?

Im sorry I thought my Facepunch account was linked to my Steam.

terror_no_more — add me (:


Let me add to my list of things I’d like to do.

*Advanced pickpocketing, crackers, lock picks, swag bags that theifs can use to pick up printers and shipments.
*Bank Bonds - that increase in value over time.
*An addition to the gangs, the money they gain from keeping territory goes to a separate account, it doesn’t go into your actual money.
I may have withdraw for leader of gang.
Militia Upgrades - Gangs can buy special items.
Health Upgrade - Increases all gang members health.
Speed Upgrades - Increases all gang members speed.
*Oh man shall I list some more?

A bit copied name dont you think? aka my rp gamemode project

On-Topic: Seems like darkrp with bunch of uneeded stuff

Would need a huge fucking playerbase, alot of scripting, alot of modelling, alot of mapping.

Also this looks more like DarkRP with “gang wars” instead of normal DM and useless “skills”.


Yuriman’s right.