Prologue to History #1: Knocking Shop

I’m sharing this here, but I realize you probably won’t understand a thing of it, considering it’s the continuation of years of stories.

Prologue to History is written by Looshkin, a friend of mine and member of EFM (my new site), and posed/edited by me. For those of you not familiar with his comics (probably everyone), his stories involve his own eponymous Garry’s Mod character, an insane and delusional megalomaniac, creating an army of clones (aptly dubbed “Looshklones”) in an attempt to take over the World. My character served as his nemesis, until they joined forces – but then, in his last comic so far, I’m presumably murdered. And that’s the starting point for issue #1 of this series.
So, yeah, it’s a little complicated, but please just enjoy the ride.

I’m a stubborn jerk, so I’m releasing this as a PDF file again. Two options:

  • Left-click it, and wait for how long it takes to load;
  • Right-click > “Save Link As”, which takes a little less and lets you see the progress of the transfer.
    If there’s enough bitching, I’ll concede and post it as an image, but it was made with this form in mind.

I’m not sure yet, but next issues might be exclusively released on the site ( It’s not that I’m a sitewhore, but it needs a little exclusivity to warrant visits. Still, it’s only a thought right now.

EDIT: Fiiiine, here’s the JPG.

Although I didn’t understand it, it was very well made, but also short.

‘There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.’

I don’t understand why you insist on using a .pdf format, it’s so clumsy.

Because I can. :stuck_out_tongue: And my comics have been made as pages, instead of one long image, for years; I decided to take advantage of it, seeing as I’m an avid comic book reader. It’s always fun to “turn the page” and get a twist.

Since you’re having problems, though, I might upload a .jpg. Still, try “Save Link As”, if it’s not too much to ask, please.

I’m sure the quality is a lot worse with PDFs as well.

It’s not. It’s perfect quality.

EDIT: Check the first post, people. I feel like I’m Copernicus preaching in the World’s largest church here, geez.



Excuse me?

I got absolutly no idea whats going on.

I’m hoping things will be explained more in future?

You have no idea what’s going on because you currently are FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT.

Least your avatar is.

Well, I’m not the one writing the scripts for this, but my friend has told me he plans to have a lot of plot dumps in subsequent issues clearing up everything. Still, the next script has mentions of places and plot points from stories going as far as two years back, and so might even be more confusing.
Personally, I wish he had “rebooted” his continuity for our new site, so new readers like you wouldn’t go “WTF” and quit this series, but I give him complete liberty for his stories. I’m just the brawn in this thing.

Also, we both watched Lost seasons one through six, and neither of us complained much about the finale. Which pretty much means we’re okay with confusion, so I can’t promise anything.

Zis comic, it’s kinda interesting.

Uhhh okay!

A comic is a comic damnit!

“Big jobbies!”

that made me laugh :v:

Excuse me, whut?

Just confused a bit as to the story. But a comic released is a comic released.