does someone know witch web host i can host Prometheus - A GMod Donation System???

you buy it

i have buyed it but you have to connect it to a website and not every website works

make a support ticket, Marcuz is very very good at offering support to his customers

i tried he dont know any websites

You bought it without having a server or Web host?

You can buy an simple webhosting package like from 1and1/godaddy afaik, and most gameserver providers give an free mysql database.

I can put it on my web host if you want me to

add me on steam: mattymoo142

really? because he suggests a few here Installation:requirements - PrometheusIPN Wiki

Lol, this makes me laugh. You can goto nfoservers // for sure. Their webhosting is cheap aswell, and offer amazing support :slight_smile:

That’s what we told him after he created two tickets within 30 minutes