Does anyone know any free website hosts which can host Prometheus:

Please get back to me ASAP! :slight_smile:

Have a Lovely day.

You shouldn’t use a “free” hoster to host something like a donation system. Since free hosters are often unreliable, unsafe, limited and sometimes require you to add ads and banners etc. to your website.

So i personally would recommend you a paid webspace for things that involve payments. You can get a good webspace for 1-2€/month. I host some sites here: they are reliable and cheap and should have all the features required for Prometheus to work (no guarantee on that tho).

I don’t understand why people pay $15 for a donation system and then can’t afford $2/mo for something to host it on, and would prefer an unreliable shitty slow free service

I love the Salty community here.

Could always take a spot at my host- it definitely meets the requirements and fairly inexpensive (£1 p/m will meet your requirements). Obviously i’m biased because I work there.
It’s probably as close as you’re going to get to free without all the implications.