Promo for a comic i plan to make [Need some help]

For a long time I’ve had this comic idea that seemed… crap. Well after talking to Striker for a while, he helped me re-think on how to do this. Well one problem i crossed was “what am i going to name it?” well that i need some help with, so if you have any names that fit please suggest them.

General synopsis:
The story follows a man (Whom has yet to find his real name) who over time had let insanity slowly take over. Objects to him have turned into humans with their own personalities. There have been… other, side effects. His own personality tends to speak on it’s own and berate or injure him further mentally.

Years ago, long before he could distinctly remember anything, he had a friend who was there with him. One day His friend was angered and left beyond the barrier. The barrier was something to be feared, passing too far over the line, you will die. He had woken up just in time to see him walk over the line and disappear into the fog. Since then, he had been afraid to even come close to the barrier on the safe side, but lately he’s been burning to find out what happened to his friend.

As he spent days alone, he began talking to the objects scattered around the shack. Eventually, his mind had altered the plastic bin he sat next to everyday, into a sickly yet happy girl whom he had called Sarah.

I don’t want to give out too much more, but i do need help with some small ideas that can be added (if they fit though)

(yes they are pretty crappy and text doesn’t fit, but hey, it’s not the comic itself)[/media] Sarah the yellow bin
[media][/media] The barrier
His anger lashing out

You know how I feel about this. So…I still don’t have any idea for titles…something to do with seclusion

“Mindful Seclusion” (Taking the above post’s idea…)

Or- Hmm…

“Thinking Inside of the Box”? (Inside the barrier :v:)

Not sure what else, to be honest.


By the way, interesting comic. I will have to keep with it :3: