Prone addon?

Would it be possible for someone to use the DoD prone (If you don’t know how to find it and if not is it possible to make one from scratch?

Playermodels don’t have that animation, so it would have to be made manually. I doubt anyone’s going to do this anytime soon.

Bonemerge with DOD player model with the prone anims

There was a prone addon made for GMOD but it only worked for the local player, the world model just showed a crouched position.

Content used by DOD would have to be owned by connecting players in order to work surely?

Or just send the meager content via resource.Add

It’s hardly warez and people have done “worse” for their addons, I’d name example but that’s not the point of this post.

GGL( roleplaying community ), made a perfect prone script. Perfect collisions, bullet hitboxes, everything. Not sure how they did it though.

Also it was all lua controlled

Thanks for replying guys, but I dont know much about Lua or anything really.

I was looking in one of the WIP threads like 5 days ago and on the OP post it had a pic of a person proning so maybe someone is working on it?

I have an idea of how one could do this, I’ll try to code a proof of concept before actually bothering trying to perfect it.