I’m sure this has been requested before…but I would like someone to make a stance for prone, that effects the view and the world view of the player.

Yes this has been requested befor.

Somone did make a prone but it was just a view and world view wich ment you was realy in crouch and you still got hit. If this was to be re created it would need to noclip and place the head of your body most of the way into the ground or god mode you.

Derp, you don’t have to noclip… think before you post…you could rag doll the player model then move the bones with physics…100% possible.


I would do it but I suck at working with physics…


as for things like a crawling animation you would also need to manipulate the bones…but who really needs a crawling animation :raise:

Was done in gmove , but not completely .