Ok, this is a revolutionary GMod idea.

You know Battlefield 2?
And how you can stand, crouch, and lie down?

Well getting down on the ground is called being prone, and i think that this could be a major dig in the GMod world, such as having the ability to squeeze through smaller vents and get into certain props [like the headcrab kennel] and maybe allow for more finite construction techniques in non-noclip servers.

So how about that?

It is not a revolutionary idea.
It has been in a million things.
Even day of defeat source and some mods.

I would like it in gmod though.

Yeah, it’s not revolutionary, but it would be good in certain gamemodes.

Seen in Empires. Not very useful IMO.

It’s not revolutionary in the game world, no, i was meaning revolutionary in GMod.

I reckon it would be good for some sort of specialized base, so n00bs and mingebags who are oblivious to the prone function can’t enter the base. Eh, just an example, ther could be a hundred other uses, like deathmatching, or hiding from some dick with a gun.

Like the headcrab pill, being small you could hide almost anywhere [the burrowing function was awesome, just dig into a scorch-mark and virtually no-one can see you even on flatgrass; providing there are other scorches around]

Makes sense. But still…not all that useful.

It’s pretty easy to code such a mod, you’ll just have to change the 1st person camera height. But since the playermodels lack animations for a prone position it would be useless to do and look retarded.

Ohgod…I just realized what mingebags with no maturity could do with a “lay-on-your-stomach” animation…

Unless you want minges to do THAT kind of thing, please don’t put it in. But if you must, the Empires mod has prone animations, just go off those I guess.

Oh god.