It would be cool to have Proning in Gmod. It would be useful. It could use the Day of Defeat source animations and such. Please some Lua maker, do this. Proning would be really awesome.

You know.

The problem with proning is that no models have the animations to support it. So you’d need custom models with custom animations.

Couldnt you just have DOD Models to do it, like if you want it you have to be a DOD Player model.

Oh my bad I didn’t read the OP properly. The other issue would be creating a correct hitbox for players and I believe that can only be a box, so if it’s made it’ll be a bit hacky.

Wouldn’t the player world model just rotate 90 on the Y axis?

I probably don’t know what I am talking about. Also good idea.

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Each individual hitbox (you know, because there’s locational hit damage) is placed depending on the animation being played.

I hope for this as well.

My bad, I was thinking of the collisions box.

Hey guys, What if… We rotated the entire players body by an axis on their feet? Then, The hitbox would stay? Or does it not work like that?

I was wrong at first, like SteveUK pointed out. If the model already has those animations then it should be quite simple to do, the Collision box can not be stretched for the whole body, but it doesn’t matter if we can walk trough a player’s legs in this case.

Sounds like the next thing needed would be an animator. Wish I knew how to animate…

Are you saying it would work, or it wont.

It would work if someone got off their lazy ass and did it. I could but I’m too lazy.

Bastard! Haha, If someone does make it, please for all means send me it.

I saw CSS anims on Gmod in one swep. So i think it is possible.