Proof of compas?

Well since this was made in unity it was not hard to download and decompile right away.
I found alot of interesting things while browsing, but this caught my eye. What do you think?

This is very interesting…

Bout time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Open the item and reveal its contents

Nothing yet, but hopefully soon.

could i ask how exactly you decompiled?

do not feed the cheese, for the cheese hacks and would use this to make diabolical things.

edit: nvm, for some reason I thought your name was eggs… Though I could be right, theres alot of hackers and alot of them are named after food or deities.

If you look at which assembly that is in, you will notice it’s not a Rust specific one. It’s not a game entity anyway.

cant help feeling a bit confused that the ingame surviver is able to craft a really complexed m4 that works but not a compass :P:P

Maybe there is no magnetic field in this world. Or maybe we’re in our world but on an Island with a disruptive magnetic field like on Lost. :slight_smile:

are you dumb enough to think it’ll make a difference if he is told .vs him googling it? Plus any skid worth the pimples on his face will be able to figure out stuff like player positioning and weaponry pretty quickly.

How does one answer the question ‘are you dumb enough’ correctly? That feels like a trap.

>-> not a hacker, want to see about making mods, for a possible server in the future