Proof of concept - First person body view (Need help too)


Skip to 0:55-1:00 for what this thread is about. Everything else is just stuff to make the video longer.

So basically Lord Ned and I were thinking about making a mod, and he had the bright idea to have the player actually extend his hands and do stuff, like in the video, turning a valve. Seemed like a cool idea, because there’s a few other games that do it (Like Bioshock) and it gives it more depth in the game.

So, to create this, we simply took a male model’s skeleton, and stuck the “hands” model onto that skeleton. Now you might ask “Well, why did you need the whole skeleton?”. Simple, more control. With the spine + head bones attached, we can parent a viewcontroller to the invisible head, and can control the player’s view (like going from side to side, up and down, etc.).

Now here’s what I need help on, and why I posted this in the mapping section. I need to find a way to get the player’s view to smoothly go into the position of the viewcontroller. If you watch the whole video, you’ll see right before the animation the view goes flying out of the map. This is because the viewcontroller’s “start at player” option is completely fucked up. I need to find a way to achieve the same effect, but I’m unsure how. Any thoughts?

I know the animation is kinda cheezy, but as the title states, it’s just a proof of concept.

I’m open to suggestions for puzzles and actions that can require this, because it’s really cool.

Why could you not just attach the normal everyday player camera to the head of the player model (while rendering yourself, so you see legs etc as well all the time)? You hit more than 2 birds with one stone by doing that. But I guess it is a bigger change.

Because player models are so fucked up because Valve never used them in singleplayer games. Too much work to get them to always render and such.

Because neither of us can code to save our lives and that’s not a simple piece of code you’re talking about? :slight_smile:


I managed to get the grey default single player model to dynamically cast shadows in first person, as well as show itself.

But my god, did it fuck up so many other things.

Instead of the ‘scientist’ being deleted and replaced with a ragdoll (which you can clearly see), try just making him die in his chair.

It’s a placeholder for a real animation.

it’s not too hard (set animation if they player is ‘using’ something) to code. i can help you if you have all the animations done already. a simple trace/ent check can be done to see what animation to play biased on if you are pressing a button or turning a wheel.

Yeah but you’d have to switch over to the v_hands model… They’d have to be in the right position or it wouldn’t grab the wheel the right way. That and testing means loading up a mod. :v

Try a custom vehicle instead, that’s what valve did in ep2. It will create the smooth camera movement seen when entering any vehicle in hl2.

Some progress for such a thing was done in now in permanent hiatus mod Project Fedora.

Which of course won’t release it’s code so uh…

Actually I think we could.


Our coder is searching for it right now to give to you guys.

If I can get to my computer without dying I’ll put the code somewhere

It’s pretty crap though so It’ll need some work in places

Oh wow. Thanks a ton. I’m no expert in C++ but I’ll give it a shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Danharibo: is fine, uploading it to filefront is fine, wherever.
this should be it, they go in \src\game\client and may or may not kill you.

Sign me up for the may or may not kill you part! Does it work off of the latest OB update or is it still built on the old OB code?

I can’t remember, I think it’s on the OB code. If it isn’t where you need it i’ll try and port it

If I get it working, mind if I post it on the VDC? That way we can share the knowledge. (With credit to you guys of course)