Prop addons in sandbox?

If I add a workshop addon for extra “Prop” models, or things like that to my server, and have it in my resources.lua, players can’t easily find these in the spawn menu. Say for instance I added an addon that has some new chairs, tables, beds and household props. They don’t show up in the spawn list for players. Now if I go subscribe to it, extract it with gmad, it will show up on my personal Spawn list under “Addons” and if I spawn them players see them correctly and not errors, but they can’t find the addon spawn list themselves. Is there a way to correct this? Or make it so all addons mounted show up in the “addons” list on the menu or something?

All help appreciated.

Well how are you hosting this server? Make a collection and fast dl the collection to each person that joins. Best way i can think to solve that problem. Or manually tell them to subscribe to new addons in collection. Which ever suits you best.

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and where is resources.lua located. I have workshop.lua in garrysmod/lua/autorun/server for fast dl, so you may have the wrong idea about something in that sense.

No I have it all set up right. That’s exactly where my resources is set up. garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/resources.lua And I have all my collection addons (Aside from maps cuz thats dumb) added to it. I’m very well versed in running a server, It’s garry’s mod itself that isn’t liking it. Like, say if I add an addon that adds a bunch of beds for props. I have it in my fastDL, and it actually downloads them and you can see the files in your downloads, or even if I subscribe to the addon myself, it STILL won’t show up in my spawn list on my server. In single player it shows up fine, but on the server it will ONLY show up if I use GMAD to EXTRACT the content of the GMA file into my addons folder. It’s quite confusing. Is it possible the addons have LUA’s to add them to the “addons” list on servers, and I have to set those lua’s to “resource.AddFile(“FILELOCATIONHERE”)” and force players to download JUST the lua files?

Example, new player joins, fastDL downloads all workshop items fine. Since I have PERSONALLY extracted the GMA contents into my Addons folder, I can see the Addon under “Addons” in my spawn list, and if I spawn the item, that player can see it just fine without errors, but that player can’t personally spawn it because it doesn’t show up in his list. So the models download, but not added to his spawn list.

I’d really rather not have to ask every new player “Hey, we’ve got some extra addons that won’t show up unless you do this annoying subscribe and extract process.” Because, and i’m being honest here, a lot of the gmod community is either kids, or people that just simply aren’t bright enough to do more than click the plus sign to subscribe to an addon on the in game workshop, or the steam garry’s mod websites workshop. :confused: That’s just the sad truth.

Anyway, again any other suggestions or answers is appreciated. Don’t mean to bite your head of m8. Just pointing out that I’ve gone through all those options and clarifying I’m sure it’s none of the basic server setup stuff.

Also, I used to run my servers through Vultr (god help anyone who uses that shit can) so I know how to actually manually run all the linux config and batch files, I switched to NFO soon after about a year ago because It’s just so much easier. And NFO servers has a LOT of this already pre-set and a large FAQ that made sure I’m completely set up correctly.