Prop Cutter

Hey , I am new to this website but i have spent weeks thinking about this idea. My Idea is to make what is a prop cutter of a sort. Basically it is a tool that you point it at the prop or props and make a circle, square, octagon etc. You also have premade circles and so forth where you left click the prop to select it adjust the size and width and you right click to make it and it cuts out a perfect circle/square out of the prop you made. So you can make tunnels and caves with ease, plus forts! Make that perfect doorway/ room or bathroom. You can adjust size to make just the right size. So what do you think? Can anyone make it?

Already suggested many times,it’s not possible in this source engine :expressionless:


What??? are you kidding me? Dang that sucks are you sure?

Protip! Research before toasting.

You can’t cut entitys in half. The only possible way is each model being in thousands of pieces, which would be horrible.

Then you would need to be able to “create” 2 new props. Even with extensive coding, it would be extremely hard and would need a system to send the 2 new pieces to all the other players as models and something would need to be done about the skin.