Prop cutting tool (in tobbas tool part , where you cut dissapear)

So the only thing I want , is PROPER prop cutter , so you draw line (or something ) and prop cuts in TWO parts , In "What are you working on V3 , there was a guy , who was mading this , but I lost this post "
Please , can anyone make this tool , lots of people are waiting for it


Found , black necro was doing this

Sorry Ralle , I wrote Tobba by accident

Is it so hard to search?

Come on , this is not what I need , look like I said Ralles clip JUST REMOVES the part , and black necros , cutted them in two pieces

Well then just wait till he’s done? Until then you can use the one I posted and just make 2 props and cut them at the same spot in opposite directions.

It is booring , instant cutting is much funnier

Ralle made it, not me. but i can surely take credit for it :smug:

Ops , damn when I was posting it I was reading your thread
Sorry Ralle

If it was in a swep like a sword that would be cool, I don’t really see the point of it being in a tool.

I was just thinking , that making cutting SWORD is much harder

Noone is willing?
Come on

Didn’t you hear, BlackNecro is making it.

Yup , I did send him PM asking about his work progress .